Xtension Four Player Controller “Emulator Edition 4P”


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  • PC, Raspberry Pi and MAC Compatible and Pre-Configured to MAME Straight Out-Of-The-Box!

  • Features a 3″ Trackball (optional) and 14 LED Menu Buttons! Simply Connect to Your PC or Mac and You Are Up and Running Faster than Ever Without Breaking a Sweat!

  • Attaches in seconds to any 32″ Xtension Arcade Cabinet or use to create your own cabinet! Can also be used as a stand-alone controller on any flat surface.

  • All Xtension Products Are Proudly Manufactured in the USA!

Controller is capable of 3 switchable modes! Keyboard / D-Input / X-Input

No hidden switch as you can easily switch modes by holding a series of buttons for 10 seconds. You can then simply switch back to any mode internally without upgrading any firmware. Great for Raspberry Pi emulation and Steam fighting games!

The Xtension Controller “Emulator Edition 4 Player” is a powerful all-in-one arcade style control board designed for all styles of gameplay. This sleek visual gaming centerpiece will showcase any game room cabinet and soon become the envy of all of your friends. We have designed this arcade style controller to make connecting to your pre-existing PC or Mac extremely fast and easy, supporting almost any game emulator, and is pre-configured to the popular arcade software MAME.

Play GREAT 4 Player Classics like, Gauntlet, NBA Jam, Sunset Rider, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, Vendetta, X-Men, WWF Wrestlefest, Captain America and The Avengers, NFL Blitz 2000 and the list goes on… (Games Not Included)

Our controller is designed to offer a variation of game play styles and includes 6 buttons for players 1-2 and 4 buttons for players 3-4. The controls work perfectly for emulator navigation and D-Pad operated PC games, classic retro titles, MAME, and of course fighting games. Immediately out-of-the-box, simply connect to your PC/Mac and download your favorite games, and for less money than you’d expect, you can be up and running in no time! Whether you’re a hard-core PC gamer looking for that perfect game room centerpiece or simply a long-time fan of classic arcades wanting to experience games the way we all remember, our arcade control board does everything you need. Order now to take advantage of our competitive prices and fast shipping.

Features Include:

  • Includes Pre-Wired Plug & Play 4 Player Controls With 6 and 4 Button Layout Per Player
  • Illuminated LED admin buttons – easily navigate your gaming system with these dedicated admin buttons. No need to press button combinations to select/exit/pause games.
  • Optional 3″ Diameter Trackball (Works as Mouse Movement)
  • IPAC encoder – best in class encoder. Switch between Direct Input, Xinput and Keyboard modes allowing for the most compatibility across all devices! Works with Mac, PC, Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • Includes plexiglass protective surface with under mounted artwork – graphics look their best with a crystal-clear appearance
  • Quality buttons and joysticks – our controllers come standard with Cherry/ZF microswitches (like the real old school arcade cabinets) and IL competition joysticks (better than Happ!)
  • Sleek, Up-To-Date Visual Design
  • Programmable Buttons Through Easy-to-Use Software Interface (Available for Download)
  • Manufactured and Assembled in the US
  • Large Body and Playing Field Better Spaced for Multiple Players
  • Very Easy to Mod for Additional Customization
  • Four 8-way Bat Top Arcade Sticks
  • Extremely sturdy construction
  • Easily Mapped to Vintage Arcade Emulators
  • Comes Preconfigured to MAME
Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 16 × 12 in

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Controller Dimensions

Depth (in) Width (in) Height (in)
14 1/4" 36 1/4" 3 1/4"


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