32″ DIY Xtension Arcade Cabinet “Flat Top Edition”


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Flat Top DIY Arcade Cabinet – Proudly Manufactured in the USA!

Our DIY cabinets are the same as our other 32” cabinets but the included controller is not pre-wired and no buttons, joysticks or any other peripherals are included. Essentially it is an “empty” cabinet that you can customize to your liking! The “Flat Top Edition” includes a blank platform (see pictures above), which you can use to drill your own holes and design your own controller layout, or you can use it as a base to hold your HORI or Mad Catz style Fight Sticks.

Our 32″ Cabinet is one of the most versatile arcade gaming systems on the market. This arcade cabinet allows you to play your favorite games both old and new, from a single arcade machine. This arcade cabinet is a perfect gaming solution for everyone from serious gamers to casual fans thanks to its affordability and durability. Turn your game room into everyone’s favorite place in your home to have fun and relax!

Us Vs. Our Competitors:

Here at Rec Room Masters, we believe in offering the highest quality parts. You will not have to take apart your cabinet to replace all of the components with better ones as is the case with many of our competitors. We see this time and time again, due to the fact that many of our competitors include cheap knock-off parts that offer poor performance.

Our cabinets also offer many features that the competition simply does not have. Our easy to remove Xtension controllers can be used as stand-alone controllers should you wish to take them to another room or another location all together! You can also easily swap between our 2 player and 4 player Xtension controllers using the same cabinet! You can remove the top half of the cabinet, turning the bottom half into a pedestal. These features essentially give you a multi-function cabinet design with the option to use it as a full-size cabinet, a pedestal, a stand-alone controller or as both a 2 player and a 4 player cabinet! Furthermore, because our cabinets are assembled in two halves, they are extremely easy to move and to fit into tight spaces.

Flat Top DIY Arcade Cabinet Features:

  • Extremely Sturdy Construction
  • Easily swappable controller (swap between 2 player, 4 player or any of our other control panels in minutes).
  • Two front speaker ports with speaker grills
  • Cutout for single/double coin mech or blank metal coin door
  • Fully adjustable monitor/TV mounting system
  • Modular Unit – Turns into a pedestal by removing top section
  • Hinged front door which provides access to pull out keyboard tray and storage for your controllers, light guns, remotes and other devices
  • Easy to assemble with easy-to-read assembly instructions
  • Supports up to a 32″ flatscreen monitor/TV (monitor/TV not included)
  • Back lit marquee with AC powered LED Light and graphic included (LED light is dimmable and color temperature can be adjusted)
  • Fully enclosed plexiglass monitor bezel
  • Sleek, up-to-date visual design
  • Very easy to mod for additional customization
  • Manufactured and assembled in the US
Weight42 lbs
Dimensions37 × 22 × 4 in

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Recommended Displays

Cabinet fits most 32" standard VESA mount flat screen monitors/TVs. We recommend purchasing a display where the ports are located on the side or bottom as opposed to the back of the display for easier installation.

We include four 30mm M4 screws/washers. If your monitor/TV requires different length screws, you will have to source them from your local hardware store.

If your ports are on the back, you will need longer screws and nylon spacers to create a gap for your cables between the back of your display and the mount. You will also need a 90 degree HDMI or DisplayPort adapter. You can find these products here:

Nylon Spacers:

M4 x 55mm Screws:

90 Degree HDMI Adapter:

90 Degree DisplayPort Adapter:

Recommended Speakers

Logitech Multimedia 2.1 Speakers Z213

This is a good choice for simple set up as all necessary parts are included (plus you also get a subwoofer). You can use any similar computer speakers, it doesn't necessarily have to be this exact model. 

You can simply place these in the marquee area and leave them loose or you can secure them with velcro or some other method if you like.

Buy Here

BOSS Audio Systems BRS40 50 Watt, 4 Inch Speakers

These speakers are an exact fit for the holes in the speaker panel. They will screw into the pre-drilled pilot holes on the back of the speaker panel (this should also apply to any other 4" speakers).

Buy Here

BOSS Audio Systems BRS52 60 Watt, 5.25 Inch Speakers

These speakers will also fit although they overlap the speaker holes a bit. They will not align with the pre-drilled pilot holes for the screws so you will have to drill your own holes for the four corner mounting screws.  

Buy Here

: you will need a small amp such as this one and speaker wire to go along with the speakers above.

Pinball Side Buttons:

ABOUT: When you order the pinball buttons with any of our DIY cabinets, you will receive the buttons/housings as shown in the image below along with the wiring harnesses needed to connect everything.

Coin Door:

ABOUT: Choose between single slot, double slot or blank metal door. When you order a single slot or double slot coin door with any of our DIY cabinets, you will receive the coin door along with the wiring harnesses needed to connect everything.


Stock Artwork:

ABOUT: These “stock” controller and marquee graphics are included with each cabinet free of charge. Choose between one of the four options. Please be aware that your DIY controller will not include any button/joysticks, pictures below are for reference of color choices only. The “Flat Top Edition” cabinet will only include a marquee decal, the controller is supplied in a black melamine finish with no artwork.

Stock Artwork Color Choices:


Full Artwork Wraps:

ABOUT: These designs will be printed on adhesive vinyl and shipped in a tube. Only the controller artwork will be pre-applied for you. You are responsible for applying the artwork to the side and front panels. See video at the following link for easy-to-follow instructions: click here

Please be aware that your DIY controller will not include any button/joysticks, pictures below are for reference of color choices only. The “Flat Top Edition” cabinet will only include a marquee decal, the controller is supplied in a black melamine finish with no artwork.

Cabinet Dimensions

Depth (in)Width (in)Height (in)
27"36 1/4"69 3/8"


We Ship UPS Ground, No More Expensive Freight Fees! NOTE: This Item Currently Only Ships Within the United States and Canada.

Purchase With Confidence

Since our cabinets are furniture-based products, unfortunately, transit damage through any shipping carrier can occur from time to time. Although this rarely happens, it is at times unavoidable. If you unfortunately experience any form of damage upon unpacking your cabinet, we will immediately issue a return label and ship you a replacement leaving you no burden of replacing parts whatsoever. Requested transit damage always takes top priority to avoid any further delays in your arcade enjoyment.